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Decorative Paddle

#1by Cord_Craft » Wed May 18, 2016 10:30 pm

My first paddle - I've fancies doing one since first seeing them. Also first attempt at a number of the specific grafting and coxcombing techniques (although I did do that commemorative Cane for
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which while not a paddle is kind of similar and do include some different grafting types.

Please with how it came out overall - probably 10-12 hours work all in

This is the first section I did - had a bit of a false start where I was trying the wrong technique so I had to start again - overall I didn't enjoy this section much so it has been hanging around part-done for months - but very pleased with the end result. PDF here in the TUTs section provides enough clues how to do this section - I used gutted 550 in Coyote Brown vertically and normal 550 that spirals over/under. (Tip the number of vertical strands needs to be an odd number plus you can get loads of different patterns based upon whether you use loads of strand or more sparse and whether the pattern is O1U1 or O3U1 or O1U3O1U3 etc

Loved doing this section - very fast and very effective - I worked this out by looking at this photo. pretty similar to a Solomon Sword Wrap - but that has some big gaps which would which you'd see the wood underneath. SO I preferred this version - it has been suggested that what I did is like a Full Moku but alternating the hitching direction and keeping the hitches aligned, which makes sense - alternatively the completed knotwork and the way it is tied is also kind of like repeatedly doing just half of a Cobra or Solomon knot .... many names for the same thing

Also loved doing this section, also worked out by looking at a photo I saved off of FB months ago. Again not sure of the "proper" name - but whilst tying it it seemed to me to be like doing a Full Moku but using 2 strands with 2 hitches per stripe (at 180 degrees opposite each other) (i.e. 4 strands instead of 2). So I thought 2x2 Full Moku as a name fits - after tieing it I had a quick read of the 4 strand Doubled Half Moku, complicated write up and no photos - this might be that - not sure

The last large section - this wasn't what I initially planned - I was going to include some O2 crowning (similar to a bellrope or a "wee little lighthouse" but I tried that and there are SO many strands in play that it is a bit of a handful and I got frustrated with a few errors so I pulled it all off and went searching through my photo library for an alternative that would look great (of course) but also would be not too slow nor too difficult. I like basket-weave grafting and this section whilst unplanned is again one of my favourites!!
After the failed O2 crowing I had a dozen or some 4-5ft lengths of both colours - so the "Turks Heads" at each intersection needed to be multi-5ft-strands knots rather than single 15ft strand knots. So the three larger knots are 21Px15B 3 pass 3 ply Gaucho Fans Knots (one is actually 24Px15B as I needed one slightly longer to cover the intersection) (Chose Gauchos mainly because I just love the nice straight edges that Gauchos provide rather than the deep scallops of a Pineapple. The top and bottom smaller knots are 12Px15B. All were tied directly on the paddle, some tied upside-down in order to have all the bights laying the same way

This was the first mat I've ever tied - fun and pretty easy - again picked it out of my photo library - recognised it as a Ocean Plait so I used the TUT here
Last tip - for all of the above sections where it is possible that small gaps between the knots/strands may occur, then I first wrapped that section of the paddle handle in some duct/gaffer tape in as close a colour match as I could find.

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Re: Decorative Paddle

#2by Since Michel » Sat Jun 04, 2016 9:22 am

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