Grommet + T shaped TH Lansky Lanyard

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Grommet + T shaped TH Lansky Lanyard

#1by Cord_Craft » Wed Apr 05, 2017 4:19 pm

Grommet knot consisting of two interlocked 5Px22B MWK.

The black knot covering the intersection is a T shaped "turks head" [url]…/PUB…/Gainage%20d%27un%20T.pdf[/url] and a 9Px5B Gaucho in white. All in 3mm kangaroo lace on a Lansky sharpener


Basket-Weave patterned grommet: The challenge with a grommet is the vast difference between the diameter of the inside of the ring, versus how much bigger it is around the outside. Hence many knots bunch up on the inner and are gappy on the outer. Round cord helps minimise this, as it flattens and squeezes to suit. Having done numerous patterned grommets, I thought, as part of the knotting challenge, I’d devise a knot that tries to suit the challenges of a ring. So it has an O1I1 basket weave coding to the front, back and outer faces (i.e. as many facets as possible to provide best coverage - whereas an O3 pattern would be gappy) and an Aztec inspired O2I2 coding around the inside diameter. So the overall coding is I1O1I1O2I2O1I1O1 with the Aztec around the inner so that it Iris' rather than bunches. So this is 2 interwoven 5Px22B MWKs (notice there is no doubling etc!, it is only 2 strands). So 5 wraps/strand – a nightmare to tighten. 3mm Kangaroo Leather on a 1.5” steel ring. I’ll post a link to a write up once I have written it. It's going to be a fob on my Lansky sharpener - hence the colours

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