Decorative Paddle #2 - Weapon Grip Themed

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Decorative Paddle #2 - Weapon Grip Themed

#1by Cord_Craft » Sun Jun 05, 2016 4:31 pm

Sometimes less is more. Aimed for elegant, single colour and no transitions hidden under THs. My 2nd Paddle (a mini one this time), thought I'd do some perhaps less orthodox paddle-wrap knotwork - but some very traditional and ancient weapon-handle wrapping techniques (from the southern hemispehere).


Top: A simple 2B TH. I'd seen a handle wrap photo I liked. Didn't know what it was, but after studying the photo and visuallising cord route I realised it was a 2B TH with this unusual dressinh. Extremely difficult to dress the knot to that position (plus had to do some simple math to get the number of Parts to achieve the 200mm desired length)
Bottom: Chinese Jian grip wrap (thank Peter Dekker for the sword-grip wrap tutorial)

Maori Hei Toki Poutangata lashing (thanks J.D. Lenzen for the Hei Toki tutorial embedded below).
Plus a little 3Px7B TH -added for visual balance.

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