Skyout Pineapple Bracelet in Leather

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Skyout Pineapple Bracelet in Leather

#1by Cord_Craft » Wed Mar 22, 2017 6:34 pm

Knot/Pattern inspired by: Richard Cornish's Skyout Pattern

Made another of these bracelets using the Skyout Pattern
31mm leather blank using 3mm Kangaroo Leather in Purple, Orange & Green

Often, when people learn about GCD they learn about which Turks Heads are "possible" or invalid combinations of Parts & Bights
GCD = Greater Common Divisor (the largest number that can be divided in both number of Parts and Bights). Couple of examples a 5Px4B TH has GCD of 1 so it is a 1 strand knot. A 12Px8B TH has a GCD of 4 so is either consider "invalid" or impossible to tie - or perhaps more correctly it is a multi-strand "Turks Head" and knots like these are often used with multistrand - Braiding (leashes, whips, bell ropes etc)

This can result in GCDs being thought of as a "limiting factor". But when GCDs when considered with Knots such as PKs, GFKs, Nortons etc then GCD can be a creative tool. For example. In a Type1 PK the difference in size between the outer and inner THs in 2 parts. Or with a PK/HK the difference is 1 part - this can open up some interesting GCD "anomalies" e.g. Base knot GCD=1 but interweave GCD=2 or 3 as in this Skyout Pattern and my Phil1 Knots


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