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The legal bit

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Newbies Expertise & Knowledge

Everyone had to start tying somewhere - this forum welcomes Newbies who want to learn to tie, increase their knowledge and deepen their understanding. Skilful tying is a worthy talent. This forum encourages tiers to progress and improve tying skills but also encourages increasing knowledge, deepening understanding and respectful knotters' etiquette.

Cross Posting

Indiscriminate cross posting is not allowed, we may promptly delete and/or move posts at our sole discretion. Repeated offenders will be reminded of the detailed Board Rules governing these forums. Further indiscriminate cross-posting will result in ban-warnings and possible banning. Posting in both a “By Type” and “By Use” is not cross posting. For knotwork featuring a wide variety of techniques, posting in numerous sub-forums here is OK if the description focuses upon and the photos zoom-in on that (By Use) sub-forum's speciality. For detailed guidelines on what is acceptable and unacceptable cross posting, you are strongly encouraged to read Posting Guide .

Copying & Knotting Etiquette

This forum recognises that copying is a natural way of learning. This forum respects the creativity that people invest when they first create an original design. If you have been inspired by someone else's design, then when posting in these forums, you should give credit where credit is due by acknowledging who inspired you. This includes respecting the proper name that a knot or design is known by or was assigned by the design's creator. People have been tying knots for thousands of years so it is likely someone else has done it first so a good place to start is to ask rather than assume.

Seeking Assisting and Good Manners

Within these forums, there are many experienced tiers who may well be willing to answer questions and provide guidance. If you have received help, when you post here you are strongly encouraged to acknowledge the help you have received. If you have used a TUT, YouTube or Reference book then quoting it may aid others. And please don't forget, that an occasional well placed “please” and “thank you” will encourage people to help you - and failure to have these simple good manners often leads to unanswered posts and being ignored.

Whilst many tiers are willing to help and answer questions or provide tutorials, it is not mandatory, so please respect that a poster is not obliged to provide you with a TUT, answer, runlist etc.


There is a fee for listing items for sale in the "For Sale" forum. Similarly business' have to pay a fee to place their adverts in the low-profile banner adverts that can appear everywhere within this forum. “For Sale” fees and paid-for adverts all help to subsidise the running costs of this forum and helps to make this forum available to members. "Supporting Members" are members who have chosen to make a small annual donation to help subsidise the cost of providing this website. Being a Supporting Member has various privileges including an allowance of For Sale listings, including a business URI in their profile-signature and making reference to their products and services where it has direct relevance to a posted topic. Hence, as advertising is only allowed when paid for, then any post which we consider constitutes an overt or covert advert (placed without first paying fees due) will be promptly deleted at our sole discretion and may lead to ban-warnings and possible banning.

Problems, Confrontations and Rudeness

This forum has minimal tolerance for rudeness, the offending topic and replies will be hidden, the parties involved must resolve disagreements offline via PM. Sadly this punishes both the guilty and the innocent but keeps disagreements and their resolution out of public view and helps maintain a respectful and friendly tone between all members. Therefore, if you take issue with another forum member or posting, then contact them via PM, additionally PM us or Report the post so that we can remove the posting from view whilst you resolve your concerns.

After one week we will ask the key members who had the disagreement to confirm that they have reached accord. At which time the original topic & replies (less any offensive materials) can be reinstated or reposted as we decide.

Inappropriate Posting

Please keep your posting "on topic" - knotting! Postings that lack a knot or knotting related focus may be removed. Baby photos or photos of puppies may be cute, but may still be deleted.

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