Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Knot Everything. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Copying & Knotting Etiquette

    1. Copying, is probably the way everyone of us started. Copying is how we learn and inevitably most of what we do is similar to and inspired by stuff we have seen made by others. This forum believes that copying is to be expected and that copying is acceptable. Ultimately if you do not want other people to copy your original works either obtain a legally binding international Patent for your product or do not share info and photos of it!. #
    2. Knotting Etiquette. This forum promotes respectful knotting etiquette. Being respectful involves:
      • If what you have made is directly based upon, or even loosely/slightly inspired by someone else's work, then you should acknowledge them when you post.
      • If another forum-member has helped you, perhaps provided some answers you needed - then you should acknowledge the assistance they gave you.
      • If you have knotted an item by using some form of Tutorial (YouTube, a Photo-TUT, or someone's blog/website, or a reference book) - you should acknowledge the TUT & its creator/author (this both encourages their efforts preparing TUTs but also may help others find and use the TUT.
  2. Inappropriate & Cross Posting

    1. Cross Posting. Indiscriminate cross posting in multiple "by Type" subforums is not allowed, we may promptly delete and/or move posts at our sole discretion.

      For detailed guidelines on what is acceptable and unacceptable cross posting, you are strongly encouraged to read the Posting Guide.

      Repeated offenders will be reminded of the detailed Posting Guide governing these forums. Further indiscriminate cross-posting will result in ban-warnings. #
    2. Inappropriate /"Off Topic" Posting. This is a knotting forum. Please keep your posting "on topic" - posts should feature your knotting or be knot related - which includes knotting tools.

      Postings that lack a knot or knotting related focus may be removed. Baby photos or photos of puppies may be cute, but will still be deleted. #
  3. Misplaced & Duplicate Topics

    1. Terminology & Misplaced Topics. Sadly there is not an internationally agreed set of standard terms for our craft - so it is inevitable that different members will use different terms or consider a knot naturally sits in a different subforum.

      Rather than be too precious about categories, only if a Topic is way out of scope of the focus area for a subforum, then the Admins will at their sole discretion move the Topic to the correct subforum. Normally a shadow (temporary duplicate which forwards viewers to the correct subforum) will be used to make the correction seamless. #
    2. Duplication. If you have been a member of a FB group, you will have seen that the same questions get asked repeatedly, sometimes the answers also receives duplicate replies but, often because the question is getting a stale, then the answers are less complete and the forum-member with the question suffers a less comprehensive answer.

      Unlike FB, these forums feature comprehensive search facilities, so if a forum member unwittingly duplicates a question that has already received a comprehensive answer, then the duplicate Topic/Replies will be merged so that a comprehensive set of replies develops that answers one specific question. The Admins will, at their sole discretion, merge or lock&link duplicate Topics. #
  4. Rudeness, Issues & Reporting

    1. Rudeness & Good Manners. This forum should be a friendly & respectful community. This forum has minimal tolerance for rudeness, Brevity and language translation aren't excuses.

      This forum encourages good manners. Including an occasional well placed “please” and “thank you” when you have received help (including when you have had your question answered) will encourage people to continue to help you.

      Posts that fail to be sufficiently polite may be deleted at our sole discretion and the posting member may receive a ban-warning or in extreme cases immediate exclusion from these forums. #
    2. Confrontations. In large online communities, tense relationships between members can develop. However publicly airing disagreements and "flaming" is strongly discouraged and rude confrontations will not be tolerated. Rather, it is better for members to discuss and reach accord via Private Messenger/Chat.

      Offending topics and replies will be hidden, the parties involved must resolve disagreements offline via PM. Sadly this punishes both the guilty and the innocent but keeps disagreements and their resolution out of public view and helps maintain a respectful and friendly tone between all members.

      Therefore, if you take issue with another forum member or their posts, then contact them via PM, additionally PM us or Report the post to Admins so that we can remove the posting from view whilst you resolve your concerns. #
    3. Report a Post. To report a rude or offensive post, navigate to the topic or reply and click on the Report button


      Then select an appropriate Report Reason e.g. "The post is rude...." and submit the report which will notify and bring the offending Topic/Reply to the attention of the Admins, so that we can hide the post form view whilst the issues are resolved #
  5. Advertising

    1. For Sale Subforum. There is a fee for listing items for sale in the "For Sale" forum. The fees from “For Sale” listings helps to subsidise the running costs of this forum and helps to make this forum available to members.

      Hence, as advertising is only allowed when paid for, then any post which we consider constitutes an overt or covert advert (placed without first paying fees) will be promptly deleted at our sole discretion and may lead to ban-warnings. #
    2. "Supporting Members" are members who have chosen to make a small annual donation to help subsidise the cost of providing this website. Being a Supporting Member has various privileges including:
      • An number of For Sale listings
      • Including a business URI in their publicly visible profile-signature
      • Making reference to their products and services where it has direct relevance to a posted topic.
    3. Banner Averts. Business' have to pay a fee to place their adverts in the low-profile banner-adverts that can appear everywhere within this forum. The fees from these banner-adverts help to subsidise the running costs of this forum and helps to make this forum available to members. #
    4. Recommendations versus Adverts? But what about if a forum member asks for recommendations regarding knotting supplies and tools e.g. "Where can I buy the best Kangaroo Lace" or "who makes the best monkeyfist jig"

      Proving an answer to these kinds of questions to help the forum member who posted the question is well intended but may unwittingly appear as borderline advertising. The Admins will use their discretion in such cases.

      Clearly replies that provide comprehensive answers that list many alternatives, so that they are balanced and do not favour any one supplier are less likely to be deleted by the Admins, Answers from Supporting Members who have paid for the privilege of promoting their products and services are OK too as long as the answers are relevant and overall across the numerous replies the thread is balanced.

      These forums feature comprehensive search facilities, so if a member asks for a recommendation and unwittingly duplicates a question that has already received a comprehensive and balanced set of replies, then the duplicate Topic/Replies will be merged or locked (closed from further reply) with a link to the prior thread. #