Posting Guide - Cross Posting

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How the Forums are Organised

The forums here are split into 4 main areas:

  • Showcases of Members Knots and Discussions forums By Type e.g. Fusion Knots (ala JD/TIAT); Turks Heads; Braiding; Grafting etc
  • Showcase items that are adorned with knotwork By Use e.g. Trekking Poles; Phone Cases; FIds & Spikes; Fobs & Lanyards
  • For Sale: you can buy a number of listings for items you would like to sell
  • Then there are some general forums for things like: Intro New Members; Knotting-News, So Hot-to-use-this-website topics etc

The simplest way - is just post your knot in the one subforum that is most applicable - and if you aren't too sure, the Admin's can easily move topics between subforums

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Acceptable Cross Posting

Posting an item you have knotted in to the applicable "By Type" subforum AND the applicable "By Use" subfoum is perfectly fine

(That is posting in to the ONE most applicable "By Type" and the ONE most applicable "By Use")

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Unacceptable Cross Posting

Posting identical Topics in to numerous "By Type" subforums is not acceptable

(Identical meaning the same general description and the same general photos)

Unacceptable cross posts will be deleted and moved. The forum-member posting will be guided to this Posting Guide Webpage

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Posting Items with multiple types of Knotwork

If you have tied an item that has numerous types of knotwork - that spans numerous "By Type" subforums here : For Instance a Bell Rope with:

  • Coxcoming around the eyelet
  • Main bellrope handle is a combination of O2 Crowing with decorative needle hitching
  • Numerous decorative Turks Heads at the various intersections
Then this spans at least 2 of the "By Type" subforums: Cylindrical Knots for the Turks Heads; and "Grafting, Coxcombing, Hitching & Crowning" for the handle construction

Creating a post with general photos of all of the above and describing all of the above and posting in multiple "By Type" subforums is not allowed

But creating different posts; one where the description focuses on the Turks Heads and another where the description & photo features the hitching & crowning etc is obviously acceptance - it isn't cross-posting because each of the posts are substantially different

Or, just post in the one subforum that is most applicable - simple!